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Being the main focal point of your home, your front door is the first feature that guests and visitors will see so you’ll naturally want to create a lasting impression. Askus Home Improvements can help and advise you on a huge range of composite and uPVC door solutions and when you’ve chosen the one you like, our professional team of installers can supply and fit your new door.

There may be a specific reason for replacing your external door, such as leakage from a poorly fitted door, a door in a poor state of repair, a requirement for more light from the door entrance, or to improve the security of your premises. Just as with older windows, heat can be lost through your old door and surrounding frame, so replacement with a new uPVC or composite door can make a significant difference to your energy bills.


Available in a fantastic variety of styles to suit every home, there are plenty of advantages to choosing a uPVC or composite replacement door. They are virtually maintenance free, provide top-level security, and dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency.

uPVC & Composite

Safety and security in your home should be top priority and it’s one of the main reasons householders decide to replace their doors. Even better, it can significantly increase the value of your home.

Door Security

If you’re thinking of replacing your doors at the same time as replacing your windows, we can offer a wide choice of complementary finishes and colours. We’re happy to show you some samples of what’s available and are more than happy to offer friendly help and advice for choosing that perfect colour scheme.

Door Colour

In terms of functionality and ease of use, the sliding door has come a very long way. Gone are the cumbersome, fault-prone sliding doors you might have encountered 10 years ago. In their place is an altogether different proposition. Sliding doors are the perfect solution for patios and conservatories.


The bi folding door is an ideal and affordable option for anyone looking for an attractive, flexible way to access the outdoors. Available in several different configurations, you can open your bi folding doors inwards or outwards, and you can have them folding to the right or to the left.

Bi Folding

French doors bring a continental feel to your home. The traditional two-door design is an enduring and popular favourite in modern homes as well as in older properties. The fact that there is no central mullion means the doors open into a wide, unobstructed space, filling the room with air and light and offering an uninterrupted view.

French Doors

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